Monday, July 04, 2005

New York Post Dating: If You Have Nothing Good To Say About A Free Meal, That's A Bad Sign

The title refers to this week's dater descriptions, clickable from the Post's Dating homepage. Elyse chose Evan (my first pick), and although Zanzibar comped them the cuisine, this is all either of them had to say about the place:
...the dinner had definite adventure potential.

The vibe at the restaurant really helped to ease the date. There were no candles or anything like that...

Okay, well, what about the food? Did these two even eat real food? It seems like all they had were cocktails. Either that, or they had little positive to say about the place when it came to the main courses. Again, it says nothing good about Zanzibar if they couldn't remember anything complimentary about the main course. Usually any meal is a great meal if it's seasoned with "free".
(As if I really cared about the restaurant...)

Onto the date review! And, it was fantastic! Although both daters come up short on details, there was definitely chemistry there (beyond mixology, anyway). Elyse likes Evan, Evan likes Elyse, and they should both see each other again. One goofy quote from Elyse warrants mention, though:
The dating scene in the city is challenging. There are so many good-looking people!
Attack of the Bigger Better Deal, eh? Or did she forget the follwing suffix: "good-looking people who are completely demented and borderline psychotic?" I mean, that makes more sense!

With another success, we're on a 4-week winning streak. Can Tom and Mackenzie keep it going? Hey, we always love a good winning streak in the summer! (something which the Yankees and Mets should take a hint from!)

Onto this week's choice. The man of the week is David, who seems to have a rather bland but hardly indicting profile. There's just not enough here to learn about him so that we have a good shot at finding the right kind of girl for a date. All we know for sure is that he's ambitious and motivated, and that nothing seems awful about him. For romance, he says he wants a dinner and a great kiss - that's not saying much. I'd hope that's what everyone would be looking for here.

Well, what can we do? Just pick the nicest girl of these three and hope for the best:

Amber's an administrative assistant in a glamour stance. Strike a pose! She looks rather tall, although that should have no meaning at all here. She loves her camera, she enjoys eating, and her family is important to her - all good signs. She likes ambitious men - score one for David! The only warning sign is Amber's worst-date-ever answer, which reveals that Amber needs her dates to be interesting. I don't consider this such a bad thing overall, but let's keep that one in the back of our heads for now... David hasn't revealed anything particularly interesting about himself in his profile, so we may have an issue here if he's not as colorful as Amber would prefer him to be.

Emily's profile is a little more troubling. The good parts: she's cute, likes ambitious guys, and is outgoing. The bad news: she's likely staunchly liberal and seems to be well-immersed in that scene. It comes up in three answers to various questions. So, she's poltically obsessed, and that could be divisive. A more pertinent concern: she seems to rule out guys who are super trendy, muscular, gadget-obsessed (or hyper-communicative), skinny, Republican, or slick-haired. Not that I defend any of those attributes, but she takes more time excluding people than describing what she really wants. I'm wary about her. Except for the knitting part.

Speaking of which, Annie likes knitting too! And photography! (Both are seemingly popular interests for women here in the Meet Market; just as common as guys enjoy "working out" and "dancing". Heh.) She looks a little soft on the edges, but she's still a very cute girl whom I wouldn't mind taking out on a date for looks alone. Her personality shines through nicely here; unlike Amber, Annie doesn't speak as if she's easily bored with someone quickly. That's a great sign for both Annie and David, especially since David likely qualifies as non-exciting if his profile above is any real indication.

I'm sold on Annie. She seems like the nicest girl who will probably have a great time on the date no matter what. Sounds like a great match for David; low-risk and excellent compatiblity make for a winning combination. The readers think so, too - she's winning the poll with over 70% of the vote! Wow, what a good showing!

And a happy air-conditioned week to you all! See you early next week...


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